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Are you looking for winter check for your vehicle?

Did you know that vehicles are 18% more likely to suffer from starting issues and 51% more likely to develop battery problems in winters?

Winter conditions can have a huge impact on your vehicle and its performance. For example, regular colder starts can put more strain on your car’s battery. Further, extreme winters can lead to deformed tyre treads and worn-out windscreen wipers. Therefore, it is advisable to visit Reading Garage for a comprehensive winter check, to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly throughout the winter months.

At Reading Garage, we provide high quality car winter check Reading at affordable rates. We use the latest technologies and equipment to ensure you enjoy a safer driving experience during the harshest part of the year.

Here’s a list of what’s covered in our winter car check Reading:


Cold weather can put a lot of strain on a vehicle battery. During winters, the battery has to power heaters and other electrical devices. Our experts check the battery cables, wires, terminals, etc, to ensure they are tightly secured, clean and free of corrosion.


During car winter check Beenham, our technicians inspect all the lights (fog lights, rear lights, etc.) are in perfect working condition.

Coolant & anti-freeze

Issues with a vehicle’s cooling system can cause engine breakdowns besides other issues. Our experts check the cooling system, coolant and anti-freeze levels and refill them if required.

Windscreen wipers

During our winter vehicle health check, our experts check the condition of the windscreen wipers and make sure they can optimally clear the screen. Also, they check the fluid level and top it up if required.


A winter car check Beenham includes inspecting tyre condition, tread depth and tyre pressure. The technicians also check if tyres are capable enough to tackle the winter road conditions and will recommend switching to winter tyres if needed.

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