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RoadX Tyres

    RoadX is a subsidiary of Sailun, a Chinese tyre brand. Although at its infancy, the company’s tyres are a common preference among customers searching for budget car tyres near me due to their improved grip and traction and their ability to meet user requirements reliably.

    Reading Garage offer an extensive collection of RoadX tyres Reading, Beenham at great prices. We stock tyres for every driving purpose to help us cater to a diverse customer base. All tyres available at Reading Garage meet the DVSA requirements and deliver superior driving comfort.

    Reading is now online! You can buy RoadX tyres from our website. Simply browse through available tyre options by entering your car registration details before placing your order via our online tyre finder.

    RoadX Tyre Categories

    Summer Tyres

    Summer tyres are manufactured with a harder rubber material and deliver optimal rolling resistance. It increases fuel efficiency and also helps to extend the tyre service life significantly. A shallow tread design safeguards against aquaplaning risks on wet surfaces.

    Winter Tyres

    Winter tyres from RoadX have deeper tread and denser sipes. These account for enhanced snow-traction and car manoeuvrability.

    All-season Tyres

    All-season tyres Beenham are an ideal choice for people looking to reduce repeated tyre fitment expenses. These tyres are made from a silica-infused rubber compound and an asymmetric tread pattern that offer reliable grip and control on both dry and wet surfaces in moderate climatic conditions.

    4x4 Tyres

    4x4 or SUV tyres are suitable for adventure touring enthusiasts. These come with a hard rubber carcass and reinforced sidewalls to enable uncompromised load-bearing ability on rugged terrains. Wide shoulder blocks account for enhanced manoeuvrability and grip even in challenging conditions. They are subdivided into three categories – all-terrain (A/T), mud-terrain (M/T) and highway-terrain (H/T).

    Best-selling RoadX tyres

    • RXMOTION H11
    • Run-flat: RXMOTION U11

    Apart from these, we also stock performance tyres Beenham, Reading from a wide range of premium, mid-range and budget tyres. We have tyres for all sizes, driving needs and budgets. All new tyres at Reading Garage include wheel balancing.

    For RoadX car tyres Reading, Beenham contact Reading Garage located at 10 Beenham Industrial Estate, Grange Lane, Beenham, Reading, RG7 5PP.

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