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    Churchill is a popular mid-range tyre brand that uses premium manufacturing processes and machinery built in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Japan. With natural rubber compound created at the Churchill testing facility and other premium materials imported across the globe, Churchill tyres have become one of the best tyre choices for customers on a lower mid-range.

    If you are looking to buy Churchill tyres Reading consider visiting Reading Garage. At our garage, we stock an enormous collection of Churchill tyres Beenham.

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    You can now buy Churchill car tyres Beenham direct from us easily online using our website. Simply enter your vehicle registration or tyre size into our online tyre finder and choose from the vast selection of tyres we have to offer.

    Popular Churchill tyres

    At Reading Garage, we have all types of Churchill tyres, which include:

    • Summer variants
    • Winter variants
    • All-season variants
    • Performance variants
    • 4x4 variants
    • Run-flat variants

    Here is a list of some of the popular Churchill car tyre models available at our garage-


    RCB007 is manufactured with eco-friendly compounds that ensure enhanced fuel efficiency and increased tyre life. It features three wide tread grooves and wave-like sipes, which effectively clear water from the tyre’s path and reduces aquaplaning risks. Moreover, to ensure optimal handling, Churchill has designed this unit with shoulder blocks and a pair of centre ribs that maintain uniform contact with the road.


    A perfect example of an ultra-high performance tyre, RCB009 combines comfort with fuel consumption. Whereas the asymmetric tread pattern along with the centre rib allows steering precision and braking, the four wide grooves enhance water drainage for superior handling in wet conditions.


    GRB009 is a specially designed UHP SUV tyre. Manufactured with a concentrated silica rubber compound, GRB009 offers maximum stability on rough terrain at high speed. This model from Churchill features a centre rib design that delivers optimal traction and braking. Moreover, the tread block pitch and built-in sipes lower tyre noise and vibration, ensuring a comfortable driving experience.

    Other best-selling models include,

  • GRB007
  • RCB009
  • Put an end to your search for Churchill tyres near me and visit Reading Garage. We are located at 10 Beenham Industrial Estate, Grange Lane, Beenham, Reading, RG7 5PP.

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