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Are you looking for shock absorbers Reading for your vehicle?

Your vehicle's suspension system is designed to provide you with a smooth and comfortable driving experience. This complex system is made up of various components which are designed to work together to limit vibrations and shocks from road surfaces.

The car suspension system absorbs the impact from potholes and other imperfections in the road. This keeps your tyres in contact with the road surface, ensuring your brakes perform effectively. Worn shock absorbers can increase your braking distance quite drastically, due to the tyres having less contact with the road.

A healthy vehicle suspension system is imperative for you to gain maximum comfort, stability and handling from your vehicle.

Reading Garage offers car suspension repair Reading at affordable prices. Our professionals are experienced with suspension systems and use the latest tools and advanced equipment to deliver prompt inspections and car shock absorbers Reading efficiently.

We only use OE grade parts, ensuring you receive the highest quality replacements.

Suspension components we check

Reading Garage’s professionals will first inspect your vehicles suspension and its components before providing you with a quote. These components include:


Linkage rods help optimise wheel revolution, enabling car manoeuvrability and adaptability to different road conditions.

Shock absorbers and struts

Shock absorbers are crucial to maintaining vehicle stability while going over uneven surfaces or potholes and speedbumps. A significantly bumpier ride than usual is an indication of damaged car shock absorbers. You needn’t worry, however, as we can replace your car’s damaged shock absorbers Beenham at affordable rates.


Coil springs help to dampen upward or downward travel while driving over rugged terrains or challenging road conditions. These are susceptible to oxidation and rusting and result in reduced control and handling comfort.

Bearings, bushings and joints

They help join the linkage rods and provide enough space for the rods to twist and turn to ensure car manoeuvrability and steering precision.

How does a car suspension system sustain damages?

  • Damaged car wheels
  • Faulty tyre pressure
  • Driving over speed bumps and potholes at high speeds
  • Continued driving on misaligned wheels
  • Damaged control arm, etc.

Symptoms of a damaged car suspension

Look out for some tell-tale signs of a failing car suspension system Beenham as mentioned below:

  • Increased driving discomfort
  • One side of your vehicle sits lower than the other three
  • Oily and greasy shock absorbers
  • Car nosedives forward whenever you press the brake pedal
  • Poor acceleration
  • Compromised cornering precision
  • Uneven and accelerated tyre wear, etc.

It is imperative to search for a car suspension repairing garage near me if you notice any of these symptoms.

For suspension systems visit Reading Garage! Located at 10 Beenham Industrial Estate, Grange Lane, Beenham, Reading, RG7 5PP.

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