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Are you looking for air con re gas for your vehicle?

Our experts at Reading Garage are always on hand to help when your vehicle air conditioning system needs a service, re-gas or repair. We pride ourselves on providing quality air conditioning repairs and air con re gas Reading at affordable prices.

Your vehicles air conditioning system not only helps to keep you cool during the summer months, it also filters out any pollen, pollutants and bacteria within your vehicle. The dry air also helps to demist your windscreen during the winter months.

Air conditioning repairs and servicing

Our experts recommend getting an air conditioning service every two years to ensure all components of the system are in working order. Please bear in mind, vehicle manufacturers do vary on the timescales for when an air conditioning service is due.

Every year, your vehicle will roughly lose about 10% of its refrigerant gases through the vents and joints of the system. If this gas becomes too low, it can cause expensive damage to the system. By ensuring the gas is filled on a regular basis, having the system checked for leaks and blockages, not only keeps the air con system in optimum condition, but also saves you money.

What does a service include?

At Reading Garage, we provide a full range of services regarding your vehicles air conditioning system. We offer everything from an air con re gas Beenham to a thorough air conditioning system service. Please note it is important to maintain your vehicles air condition service schedule, as it is not included in a regular service.

Our team will check the system for any leaks and blockages, clean the system with an antibacterial solution, and refill or replace the gas, ensuring optimum performance from your air conditioning system.

Warning signs of low refrigerant levels

Here are some of the distinct warning signs that your car will show if its refrigerant level is low:

  • The air-con system is blowing out hot air
  • A visible sign of leakage
  • The AC compressor clutch does not engage properly
  • Poor fuel economy, etc.

If you experience any of these warning signs, contact Reading Garage for our air con re gas Reading service.

For ‘air-con re-gas near me’ call 0118 971 0261, and our experts will be happy to help.

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