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Are you looking for summer check for your vehicle?

For a smooth comfortable driving experience through the warmer months of the year, visit Reading Garage for a professional car summer check.

Various issues can occur in summer that can lead to an uncomfortable driving experience, such as air conditioning probems. Major issues can also lead to your vehicle breaking down.

Reading Garage is known for its thorough and affordable summer car check Beenham. Our experienced and highly trained technicians use the latest tools, equipment and quality parts to detect any issues, and offer replacements where necessary.

Take a look at the checks offered at Reading Garage!

Checks included in our vehicle summer inspection

During summer, cars have a 50% more tendency to overheat and are 31% more likely to have gearbox issues. Our summer checklist is, therefore, planned out carefully to ensure you enjoy a smooth driving experience during the summer months.


During our car summer check Reading, professionals conduct a thorough visual check of your tyres, through which cracks and other damages to the rubber can be easily detected. Whilst also checking the tread depth and tyre pressure.

Air conditioning

Vehicle summer checks at Reading Garage include inspecting the air conditioner and its cooling efficiency. Our technicians clean or change the dirty cabin filter and refill the refrigerant if required.

Cooling system

Defective cooling fans or a leakage in the cooling system can cause damage to the engine. Experts of Reading Garage check the cooling system and make sure the vehicle does not overheat.

Coolant & oil level

Technicians check the oil level as well as coolant and top it up as per requirement.


Experts check and ensure all the battery cables, wires, terminals, etc., are clean and tightly secured.

Windscreen wipers & screen wash

During a summer vehicle check Reading at our garage, our experts check to ensure your windscreen wipers are in optimal condition and recommend a replacement if needed. Also, they fill up the screen wash if required.

With such an extensive summer car check list offered at Reading Garage, visit us for the best car summer check garage near me.

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